Aphid: A Song

<Click on the photo to hear the song. Is that obvious?>

The view from St. Andrew's Church, Kiln Pit Hill. What I see when I hear this song.


Before writing a boring, angry diatribe about a recently built edifice near my home in Heaton (and the cooption and bastardisation of the Victoria Library adjacent to it), I thought I might try offering something personal!

Here is an instrumental song written by myself (mandolin) and Tom French (guitar). Without straying too far into a Romantic discourse, it was genuinely one of those instances of a song appearing from the ether and forming itself very rapidly. Beginning as a ‘throw away’ preliminary jam around the first couple of chords, it felt like it sort of spread out naturally and blossomed into this recording – a second take, one microphone affair.

I can’t tell if it’s melancholic or reflective, but I feel more comfortable in ruminating on it as it was written by two people; there’s a side to it that I don’t quite fully ‘get’.

It is called ‘Aphid’ because that is my favourite word (sound-wise, not meaning-wise) in English.

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