“An Open Letter to My Younger Self”: A Tune

This is something of a ‘singer-songwriter’ style song; the type of which I occasionally write but hardly ever share!

It stems really from the some of the remembrances discussed in ‘listen 7’ of the King of Rock and Roll (see below) of being in a band aged around 16. I really thought (abstractly, now I think of it, and without any game plan whatsoever as to how to action it) that I was going to be, if not a famous rock star, then certainly a musician in that high school band for the foreseeable future; that I would be working within the then utopian and unknown (to me) music industry. This naive dream was curtailed by the following gradual realisations: 

a) I’m not really that good a musician/songwriter

b) I’m not confident/ egotistical enough to want thousands of people to buy/know the songs that I do write

c) The music industry is no place to nurture your dreams; it is not a forgiving and friendly environment

d) I actually hate performing live

e) nobody will ever care as much about my songs as I do

All of these things are probably fairly common among musicians who ‘fail to make it’. I am not bitter about any of them now – I almost feel sorry for this younger version of myself for dreaming such an intangible dream. But, on the other hand, I get the distinct impression that were my younger self able to see the contemporary me, he would be less than impressed that “we” aren’t in a band and making music as a full time occupation.

So this song is something of a letter explaining ‘myself’ to ‘him’. I know its self-indulgent, but I hope it will kick-start some writing I want to do about my experiences of being in a band playing at dodgy pubs, social clubs, town halls and marquees around County Durham.


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2 Responses to “An Open Letter to My Younger Self”: A Tune

  1. AN says:

    This is great Astro. Mint verse. A song after me own heart. Awesome.

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